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Polaris x CIG Easy Buy Scheme


Polaris xcig

Transfer and Win Promo on *833*0#

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Short Term Asset Finance?
    Short Term Asset Finance is a lifestyle financing scheme which enables employees whose salaries are domiciled with Polaris Bank to purchase specific household/personal assets via short term financing with flexible repayments over 3-12 months.
  2. Who can access this product?
    Employees whose salaries are domiciled in Polaris Bank
    Employees of Polaris Bank
  3. What is the minimum and maximum amount that can be accessed?
    Minimum loan amount of ₦50,000.00
    Maximum loan amount of ₦1,000,000.00
    Eligible amount is subject to 33.3% of your net monthly salary
  4. What is the maximum loan tenor?
    12 months
  5. What products can I buy using the Short-Term Asset Finance?
    Attached products
    Any other product of your choice outside the attached list (not covered by the promo term & conditions)
  6. What are the approved terms and conditions for the promo?
Item Terms
  • Interest rate: 0%
  • Management Fee: 1%
  • Insurance: 0.5%
Equity Contribution 0%
Tenor 12 Months
Loan Amount
  • Minimum loan amount of N50,000.00
  • Maximum Loan amount of N100,000.00
Repayment Source
  • Salary domiciliation
  • Business proceeds

How to Apply

  1. Click here https://www.polarisbanklimited.com/polaris-bank-promos/  to see available products for this promo
  2. Visit the vendor to pick up your invoice for any selected item
  3. Dial *833*12#
  4. Select Household/asset finance
  5. Enter your loan amount
  6. Input the invoice number given to you at Grand Square, Flying Dove or Greec Ac (Mandatory)
  7. Input your preferred loan tenor
  8. Loan is approved, your account credited and subsequently debited to the vendor's account
  9. Visit the merchants’ outlet of your choice to pick up your goods.
  10. The merchant will send an invoice to us for confirmation of loan disbursement and goods released to you.
  11. You will acknowledge receipt of your goods in good and working condition on the invoice and state your account details.
  12. The signed invoice will be sent by the merchant to us
  13. Upon PFI verification and confirmation of product delivery by you to the product manager, an invoice is sent to retail risk for processing to credit merchant operating account.

Customer must input the invoice number given to him/her by the vendor (Grand Square, Flying Dove, Greec Ac)