Globally, especially in sub-Sahara Africa including Nigeria, women are often discriminated against, experience inequality and usually do not have same rights like their male counterparts. Also, despite their importance to the economies of their nations, they often find it hard to access funds.  

These challenges have been attributed to several factors which combine together to deprive women of the capacity to fulfil their potential especially in the economic sector. Polaris Bank is conscious of the challenges faced by women and in responding to this, the Bank has provided products and services such as Polaris Pearl Account specifically designed for women i.e Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Homemakers. The product, which has both savings and current account variants, caters for the lifestyle, community, financial empowerment and capacity development needs of the Bank’s female customers. 

The Bank places a high premium on individuality and diversity, treating its entire workforce equally with respect, dignity and fairness. In line with best practice, there is equitable remuneration and capacity development opportunity for all regardless of gender, ethnicity, ideology or creed. As a reputable organization, the development of women initiatives and programs in our communities is prioritised. 

Polaris Bank is committed to developing products and services that improve access to finance. The Bank has continually enhanced its credit process to fully integrate the Environmental and Social Risk Analysis into the lending, monitoring and reporting process for specific project-finance transactions within a stipulated threshold. 

The Bank takes pleasure in understanding its customer’s needs and strives hard to surpass them by undertaking a proactive customer engagement process using different channels: publications, email alert/SMS, social media, focus groups, written communications, marketing calls, advertising and business seminars. Polaris Bank also places a lot of importance on increasing the various channel choices for customers towards improving access to Banking services at all times for both the advantaged and disadvantaged individuals. Some of our branches has been equipped to accommodate wheelchair access for the physically challenged customers. 

Our Digital channels are top notch in catering for the financial services needs of our growing customers. As a digitally led retail Bank, this has earned us multiple awards and the digital platform has proved to be a viable account acquisition channel which further emphasizes our resolve to increase our footprint in Financial inclusion.

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