SurePadi is the Agency Banking solution of Polaris Bank Limited. The bank is providing convenient and easy access to banking services through partnerships with existing retail outlets as SurePadi Agents.

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Additional Information

SurePadi Agent can be any of the following:

  1. Registered Businesses: The Corporates such as Limited liability companies, Sole Proprietorship, Partnerships, Cooperative Societies, Institutions with large retail chain/distribution network, Petrol Filling Stations  and Dealers in FMCG
  2. Unregistered Businesses: Individuals e.g. Supermarkets, Retail outlets, Distributors of mobile network operators, Business centers, boutiques, provision shops, sport viewing centers and so on.

To become a Polaris SurePadi Agent, kindly visit the nearest Polaris Bank branch with the following:

  • Valid means of identification: Drivers License, National Identity Card, International Passport or Voters card.
  • Utility Bill (Not less than three (3) months from time of presentment)
  • A recent passport photograph

For enquiries, please call the telephone Nos: 01-2700344, 01-2703852, 01- 2703853 or send an email to psp@polarisbanklimited.com.

  • Account Opening
  • Funds Transfer
  • Deposit funds
  • Cash withdrawals
  • Pay Bills
  • Buy Airtime and so much more
  • BVN enrollment and so much more

  • Financial remuneration
  • Transactions and Fees are processed real-time.
  • Instant settlement of funds to your account
  • Increased customer traffic
  • An avenue to earn additional income
  • Provision of value added services
  • Improved status in the community through brand affiliation with the Bank

  • Convenience
  • Lower cost of transacting
  • Banking services within your neighborhood
  • No queues
  • Transactions are PIN protected
  • Services are available to all Banks’ customers
  • Access to funds anytime even after banking hours (weekends and public holidays)
  • Saves time and cost of transportation to the Banks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • An Agent is an entity that is engaged by a financial/non-financial institution to provide specific financial services on its behalf using the Agent’s premises.
  • Agents are convenient service points near where customers live and work.

The Polaris bank Agent banking scheme is called SurePadi

The following are the requirements to be an Agent:

  • Registered or unregistered (individual) primary business
  • Primary business must have been in existence for the past 12months
  • A physical location for the primary business
  • Must have adequate and secure premises.
  • A clean criminal record.

Yes, if he/she meets the requirements to be an Agent

Agents can carry out the following services:

  • Token Withdrawal (Polaris Customers only)
  • Card Withdrawal (Other Banks)
  • Inter and Intra Bank Funds Transfer
  • Bills Payment
  • Airtime Top-up
  • Account Opening
  • Account balance inquiry
  • Other bespoke services are coming soon

  • Additional income from carrying out Agent Banking services
  • Branding support from the bank and adequate advertisement to drive footfall to his/her location.  
  • Agent will become more credible and trust worthy in the community.
  • Expanded service offerings and the opportunity to develop deeper relationships with new and existing customers
  • Increased demand for Agents primary business services.

Agents have 2 channels for carrying out transactions:

  • SurePadi Mobile APP
  • Point of Sale(POS) terminal

Yes, a holistic package has been designed to cover both cash at hand and terminal insurance for Agents.

Please visit the nearest Polaris Bank branch with the following documents to commence onboarding:

  • Any of the Valid Identification cards (National ID, Voters Card, International Passport, Drivers License)
  • Utility Bill
  • Recent Passport Photograph

Please contact the SurePadi team on 01-027023852 or 01-2700344 and 01-2703853, e-mail- psp@polarisbanklimited.com

For enquiries, plrease call the telephone numbers: 01-27023852, 01-2700344, or 01-2703853, or send an email to psp@polarisbanklimited.com

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