Knowing that optimal staffing impacts positively on the Bank's performance, our Competency and Talent Management Framework allows employees to have a clear view of what their expected deliverables are.

Our performance management and employee development programs are tailored towards identifying and developing individualized career goals. Our staff have the opportunity to work in areas where their skills best fit, thereby building Bankers with holistic views and fostering a succession pipeline for the Bank to ensure continuity.

Polaris Bank is a leading financial institution ranked as one of the Mega Banks in Nigeria. We offer excellent banking services, anchored by our team of seasoned and dedicated staff working in an enabling environment.

To continue to motivate our existing staff and attract prospective candidates, whether fresh graduates or experienced professionals, we provide limitless opportunities in the areas of Career Management, Learning and Development, Performance Management, and Compensation/Welfare/Benefits which guide our employee retention strategy.

With the use of a Competency and Talent Management Framework, our employees are properly placed on the right jobs.

Based on their competencies, skills and proficiency levels, they are open to other challenges which either provides job enrichment or rotation to other roles based on agreed plans and exigencies.

Both Fresh graduates and Experienced Professionals benefit from this process.

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