Community Investments


Malaria and Other Serious Diseases

In the Bank’s bid to regularly create and develop new programmes & initiatives bordering on staff welfare, there is regular awareness in respect to serious diseases such as mental health, cancer, HIV, Lassa fever, Ebola etc. 

Human Capital Management in conjunction with Health Management Organizations (HMOs) under the Bank’s retainership, holds an annual health week in November.  This fair affords members of staff the opportunity for health screening exercise and a one-on-one counsel with medical doctors on issues including an online chart consultation with qualified doctor’s as part of the Health Week activities.


HIV Testing, Confidentiality and Disclosure

As a dynamic and progressive organization, Polaris Bank Limited is committed to the support of programs and initiatives that promote awareness, prevention, non-discrimination and health support on HIV/AIDS particularly in the workplace. Polaris Bank Limited encourages routine, confidential, voluntary testing and counseling of her employees.

Opportunity for this is availed through our partnership with the Bank’s prescribed Health Management Organizations (HMOs). The Bank does not require employees, their dependents, job applicants or other third parties to undergo HIV testing as a pre-condition for employment or receipt of benefits.