This is a N100 billion credit support intervention fund for the health sector from Central Bank of Nigeria as part of proactive measures to cushion the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in the economy.

The CBN fund is targeted at key stakeholders in the health sector which include;

  • Manufacturers of Healthcare products i.e. pharmaceutical drugs and medical equipment
  • Healthcare service providers/Medical facilities i.e. hospitals/clinics, diagnostic centres/laboratories, fitness and wellness centres, rehabilitation centres, dialysis centres, blood banks etc.
  • Pharmaceutical/Medical product distribution and logistics services
  • Other human healthcare service providers

Working capital:  This is available to meet your short-term recurrent expenditure to keep the business growing. With a maximum tenure of 1 year, beneficiaries can access up to N500million (Five hundred million Naira only).

 Term Loan: This is a long term loan with maximum tenor of up to 10 years and access to loan amounts of up to N2billion (Two billion Naira only).

  • Are you interested in the CBN Health Sector Support Facility? Click here and complete the form. A member of our team will contact you within 48 hours
  • Alternatively, you can visit any of our branches closest to you to a complete a loan application form.

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