SurePadi: Agency Banking

SurePadi is the Agency Banking solution of Polaris Bank Limited. The bank is providing convenient and easy access to banking services through partnerships with existing retail outlets as SurePadi Agents.

SurePadi Agent can be any of the following:

  1. Registered Businesses: The Corporates such as Limited liability companies, Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Cooperative Societies, Institutions with large retail chain/distribution network, Petrol Filling Stations (Preferably one with a Supermarket or Store) and Dealers in FMCG
  2. Unregistered Businesses: Individuals e.g. Supermarkets, Retail outlets, Distributors of mobile network operators, Business centers, boutiques, provision shops, sport viewing centers and so on.

To become a Polaris SurePadi Agent, kindly visit the nearest Polaris Bank branch with the following:

  • Valid means of identification: Drivers License, National Identity Card, International Passport or Voters card.
  • Utility Bill (Not less than three (3) months from time of presentment)
  • Passport photograph

For enquiries, please call the telephone Nos: 01-2700344, 01-2703852, 01- 2703853 or send an email to

  • Account Opening
  • Funds Transfer
  • Deposit funds
  • Cash withdrawals
  • Pay Bills
  • Buy Airtime and so much more
  • Financial remuneration
  • Transactions and Fees are processed real-time.
  • Instant settlement of funds to your account
  • Increased customer traffic
  • An avenue to earn additional income
  • Provision of value added services
  • Improved status in the community through brand affiliation with the Bank
  • Convenience
  • Lower cost of transacting
  • Banking services within your neighborhood
  • No queues
  • Transactions are PIN protected
  • Services are available to all Banks’ customers
  • Access to funds anytime even after banking hours (weekends and public holidays)
  • Saves time and cost of transportation to the Banks.

Download PolarisXperience or PolarisMobile from the App Stores.

Our relationship with you goes beyond banking.