Managing your Cashflow, finances & Investments

The right cash flow strategies can go a long way to helping your business succeed. Below are a few options to increasing your cash flow:

  • Offer a small discount to customers who pay early to keep them.
  • Monitor your receivables regularly
  • Ask suppliers for credit terms to help reduce your cash outflows until you collect payment from your customers
  • Get a working capital facility
  • Put your excess cash to use and invest for your business ( clique to show fixed deposit rates)
  • Finance your equipment and vehicles instead of buying to free up cash

How do I get money to fund my business?

If you are seeking extra capital to run your business, you do not always need to seek external sources. There could be enough money within  your business to fund what you need. Below are a few options to consider:

  • Sub lease any spare space to another business.
  • Remember, the lowest risk option for raising capital is to simply find what you need from your own savings or assets.