Business Accounts

Polaris Bank has developed a range of products and services to specifically meet the needs of various classes of these SMEs. Our goal is to support the growth and success of SMEs through the provision of cost effective banking services, adequate funding assistance, financial advisory services and value-add offerings.

Polaris Business Account – Current

The Polaris Business Account is specially developed to allow all SMEs the opportunity to find the right business solution and platform to nurture their businesses for growth.

Polaris Pearl - Business

Polaris Pearl is a gender based product designed to cater to the banking needs of women in business, offering them an advantage to nurture their business for growth.

Polaris Business Advantage - Starter

Polaris Business Advantage - Starter is a current account product targeted at small businesses, especially start-ups with a monthly turnover of N0 to N5million.

Polaris Business Advantage - Emerging

Polaris Business Advantage - Emerging is a current account targeted at SMEs with monthly turnover of >N5million to N15million.

Polaris Business Advantage - Excel

Polaris Excel is our premium business account for SME customers with high business turnover. Customers enjoy zero account maintenance fees when they maintain the minimum operating balance

Polaris Domiciliary Account - Corporate

Polaris domiciliary account is a domiciliary account for Corporates that offers the convenience of carrying out transactions in foreign currency (USD, GBP and EUR).

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