Savings Accounts

We have a range of savings accounts to meet your needs; whether you want instant access to your cash, opportunity to participate in our reward programs or an account with minimal documentation.

Everyone knows that variety is the spice of life and with our choice of savings accounts, there is no shortage of options for you and your family.


Polaris Save Plus

Achieve your savings goals with our Polaris Save Plus Account

Polaris Wise

Save towards your goals e.g. your dream house, car or children’s education with our Polaris Wise target savings account and earn interest at fixed deposit rate

Polaris Flex

Open a simple savings account with your photograph and signature. No need for identity documents! No hassles!

Polaris Ease

Open a savings account with any ID card

Polaris Rainbow (Children Savings Account)

A Great future starts with a Great Plan!

Polaris Campus Plus

A savings account for youths in tertiary institutions. Bank...Socialize....and Connect!