Polaris Dollar Domiciliary

Our Skye domiciliary account gives customers the convenience of saving and transferring funds in foreign currency (USD, GBP and EUR).

You can also pay your bills abroad, school fees and other FX transactions directly from the comfort of your homes on our SkyeXperience platform.

Download SkyeXperience or SkyeMobile from the App Stores.



  • Minimum initial account opening balance of $100, £50,€50
  • Access to Skye Bank MasterCard Gold USD Debit Card.
  • Issuance of foreign currency draft on the account.
  • Lodgment of foreign currency cheque and dividend warrant.
  • Account can be used as collateral for Naira loan.*
  • International money transfer is allowed (Inflow & Outflow).
  • Access to internet banking and other electronic channels.
  • Access to e-statement and transaction alert notification.

****Terms & Conditions apply

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