RIA Money Transfer Service

RIA is an international Money Transfer company (the third largest worldwide remittance company in the World) that allows funds to be sent and received directly into a beneficiary’s Polaris Bank account (in NGN only). The sender would also specify that the funds be paid out across the counter. With a global network of 204,000+ locations and operations in 34 countries in Africa, the RIA service is now available in all Polaris Bank’s 373+ locations effective March 1, 2014.

Payout Requirements

To pick up RIA money Transfer in any Polaris Bank branch, the following are required from the beneficiary:

  • A valid means of identification such as: 
    • Nigerian National ID card
    • Nigerian International Passport
    • Nigerian Driver’s license
    • INEC Permanent Voters’ card
    • Bank verification Number (BVN)
    • International Passport (For foreign nationals and expatriates)
  • Eleven (11) digit PIN
  • Expected Amount
  • Sender’s name and sending country
  • Beneficiary’s name (this must match exactly with the identification presented at time of Pick-up), address and telephone number
  • Beneficiary should have a Skye Bank account or have a Skye Bank account holder identifier.


So when next you have a RIA money transfer service to execute, think Skye Bank for that Fast, Friendly and secure transfer payout service experience. 


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