Polaris Credit Card

The Polaris Naira Credit Card provides access to a revolving line of credit to meet the financial needs of eligible customers. The visa branded naira denominated credit card is designed for customers who require constant cash flow to meet their miscellaneous needs (non-capital intensive) and have a guaranteed source of repayment. The card allows payments on POS, Web for domestic and cross-border spend, and cash withdrawals on the ATM both domestically and internationally.

Enjoy amazing benefits with the Polaris Naira Credit card, including

  • Quick access to cash to meet personal needs.
  • Flexible and easy payments for goods and services purchased from both domestic and international store.
  • Accepted at over 44 million merchant locations, across over 200+ countries globally
  • Interest free period of up to 45 days
  • Minimum monthly repayment of 10% of outstanding balance on card limit
  • Verified by Visa (VbyV) additional security for online transactions
  • Available in Visa Classic and Platinum variants. Supplementary cards are also available.
  • Available to salaried employees and self-employed customers with verifiable income
  • No collateral requirements

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