Skye Picture Card

Your Debit Card - Your Design.


About Skye Picture Card

Who says debit cards can only be used for instant access to your funds? They also come in handy as a picture frame. Do you have:

  • a special photo that has special meaning to you?
  • A favorite vacation snapshot?
  • A favorite pet?
  • A family photo?
YES! Now you can have that photo on your personalized debit card!
A personalized debit card is a good way to show-off yourself and your loved ones to the world!

It's just a normal debit card, except that you get to choose the image that appears on the card.
All you need to do is to request and upload your most memorable picture and it will be printed on the face

What do I need to do

  • Read and agree to the Terms and condition
  • Enter details for verification (Account number, Surname, Email)
  • Select branch of collection
  • Upload Picture
  • Preview picture
  • Go to your email account to receive generated reference number
  • Take Reference number to branch of collection for verification