Polaris Prepaid Cards

The Polaris Prepaid Card is a prefunded and reloadable card established with previously deposited, authorized or transferred funds which will be reduced by purchases, cash withdrawals and account charges. The Prepaid Card is suitable for both existing and non-customers.

Prepaid cards can also be partnership schemes. It has the logo and trademark of both Polaris Bank, and the partnering organization.

The card comes in variants of Verve, Mastercard and Visa.

Xplorer Prepaid Cards


  1. Card is PIN protected.
  2. Card can be pre-funded, that is, value is loaded on it.
  3. Value on lost or misplaced card is transferable to another card
  4. Card can be used in Nigeria on ATM, POS, Internet, Mobile
  5. It is a Naira denominated card.
  6. Card is a co-brand prepaid card with logo and trade mark of both Polaris Bank and partnering Organisation
  7. Daily limit is 250,000 except for closed schemes


  1. Reduction in cash payments which translates to reduced cost of cash management
  2. Increase in corporate brand awareness and loyalty

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