Polaris Debit Cards

The Polaris Debit Card is a card which enables one make payments for purchases and services electronically from the cardholder’s bank account across all channels; ATM, POS and WEB. Cardholder has 24 hours access to funds in his/her account. 

The Polaris Naira and USD - denominated Debit Cards include the following:

MasterCard Standard Naira Debit Card

This is a Naira denominated card, can be used to make payments across multiple channels –Automated Teller Machines (ATM), Point of Sale terminals, Internet, Telephone orders, mobile etc. It is globally accepted as a means of payment at over 24 million merchant locations and over one million ATMs worldwide in more than 220 countries.


  1. The Card is valid for 3 years
  2. Chip and PIN technology to help guard against unauthorized transactions.
  3. Enhanced security for Internet payments via SecureCode
  4. All international transactions are subject to a yearly limit of $50,000.


  1. Access to discounts/offers on www.pricelessafrica.com 
  2. Card can be used globally on all channels (ATM, POS and WEB)
  3. Highly Secure: Second level authentication for online transactions on all cards (MasterCard SecureCode and Safe Token)

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