Polaris Credit Cards

The Polaris Credit Card is an internationally accepted card with a revolving credit limit. It is a convenient means for paying for goods and services, having access to quick funds when there is need for urgent payments. The Naira-denominated variants of the Polaris Credit Card include the following:

Polaris Visa Classic Credit Card

This is an ideal first card because of its simplicity, flexibility, and worldwide recognition. The card can be used locally and internationally on all channels (Automated Teller Machines (ATM), Point of Sale terminals, web and mobile).


  1. The card is valid for 3 years
  2. Up to 45 days interest free opportunity
  3. Revolving credit facility
  4. Flexible limit - based on income and class of cardholder


  1. The card can be used in over 24 million merchants and 2.3 million ATMs worldwide where Visa is accepted
  2. Card holders have access to Visa benefits such as promos and discounts in some selected hotels/merchant outlets.
  3. Access to Visa web banking where the card holder has access to view their card activity online real-time


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