Kegow Virtual Cards

The Kegow card is a virtual prepaid card denominated in Naira. The card makes shopping online seamless and is accepted anywhere VISA logo is displayed. It combines a mobile wallet and virtual Visa card into one offering. Customers can access this service via the web on

Kegow also provides a plastic card option on request.The card is well suited for online purchases, bill payments and card to card transfers.


  1. Card is virtual and is viewed online with no need of a physical card.
  2. The virtual card is highly secured and PIN protected.
  3. Enhanced security for Internet payments via Verified-by-Visa (VbyV) services.
  4. The card is valid for 3 years.


  1. Convenience: Pay for on-line purchases locally and internationally, from your mobile phone, tablet or PC.
  2. Low risk: The card is not linked directly to your bank account and other cards, therefore your exposure is only to the value you have on the card.
  3. Easy to obtain: Simply obtain a Kegow mobile wallet by accessing and fulfil the requirements for KYC.
  4. Easy to load: Convenient ways to get money onto your Kegow Virtual Card including, loading from your bank debit card.
  5. Domestic and international use: Use locally or abroad where Visa cards accepted.

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