Polaris Pay

This platform allows Private Organizations and Government Agencies to automatically handle payments of salaries and payment to third parties (contractor, supplier, tenured workers) with the various levels of authorizations and approvals incorporated into the payment process.

Target Market
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Ministries
  • Agencies
  • Corporate Organizations
  • Online real-time processing of transactions Multiple
  • The interface allows multi-bank processing of transaction.
  • Allows easy replication of existing payment workflow
  • Multiple accounts can be credited simultaneously.
  • Easy and simplified integration process.
  • The solution is less prone to error.
  • User-friendly navigational interface that allows quick mastery of the processes.
  • Eliminates manual preparation of payment schedules for each bank and issuance of multiple cheques.
  • Ensures accountability with full audit trail for all transactions. All relevant departments and responsible personnel are automatically notified of all transactions.
  • Real-time online access to bank accounts statement independent of any third party.
  • Saves time and resources as all the current paper-based payments/confirmations and administrative overheads are eliminated.
Set Up Requirements
  • An indemnity letter on the customer’s letterhead.
  • Duly completed application form

Download PolarisXperience or PolarisMobile from the App Stores.

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