Polaris Collect

The Polaris Collect platform will provide accurate information to major distributors as it pertains to what Payment was made, who paid, where it was paid, when it was paid, who received the Payment, how much was paid and where the funds are at every point in time. Payment information will also be available for viewing online real-time via a web based access granted to authorized users at distributor location.

Polaris collect is an online real-time electronic collection platform that facilitates collections across all bank branches nationwide. It is fully scalable and can be deployed as a tailor made product to the identified major distributors. Payments made at bank Synchronizes with a central transaction reporting portal where the merchant (major distributors) can view reports and ascertain payments made.

Target Market
  • Corporate organizations as well as Government (State, Federal & Local)
  • Consolidated View of all payments made
  • Multiple Payment Channels (Bank Branch, ATMs, POS, Internet)
  • Reduces Payment Reconciliation and Monitoring
  • Unique Transaction Reference number
  • Relevant payment and customer details is provided
  • Caters for corporate organization business rules in the solution design
  • Online Real-time Access To Reports
  • Access to payment and channel reports
  • New Alternative Payment Methods i.e. Cash, Cheques (own bank & 3rd party cheques) , Debit Cards, Prepaid Cards, Internal Setup MDA payments transfers, Bank Draft
  • Back-end Integration to ABC backend system (if required)
  • Provides automated revenue collections
  • Reduce reconciliation challenge
  • Seamless interaction with backend system if required
  • Introduces convenience for customers (multiple payment channels)
  • Guarantees shorter transaction cycles
  • Improves efficiency to payment process
  • Improved customer delivery / turnaround time
  • Guarantees financial control
Set Up Requirements
  • Application form
  • Request letter from corporate Organisation

Download PolarisXperience or PolarisMobile from the App Stores.

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