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Financing Products

  1. Project & Structured Finance
    1. Project Finance – The financing of long-term infrastructure, industrial projects and public services.
    2. Structured Finance – Complex financial transactions offered to companies with very unique financing needs.
  2. Short Term 
    1. Term Loan – Loans with tenors of more than one year and up to three years, based on specific funding requirements, with flexible repayment structures. Term loans are usually granted for project finance or capital finance and can be used to fund the acquisition of fixed assets or execution of capital projects.
    2. Time Loan –Loans with tenors of one year or less based on specific funding requirements with flexible repayment structures.
    3. Overdraft Facility – This is an extension of credit from the bank that enables the customer to overdraw their account with the Bank beyond the available funds subject to an approved overdraft limit. This facility is usually given for a 365-day tenor and is maintained to fund daily working capital requirements, day to day running expenses, and administrative expenses. Interest on this facility is charged only on the overdrawn limit and for the number of days the funds are utilized before replacement, that is, before the account returns to a positive balance. 
  3. Long Term - This facility is granted to finance asset acquisition, capacity expansion or other long term financing needs. This can be structured as a Finance Lease facility where the loan is granted to finance the acquisition of specific assets including motor vehicles and machinery. 


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